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Guide to Natural Language Understanding NLU in 2023

NLP vs NLU vs. NLG: the differences between three natural language processing concepts With NLP integrated into an IVR, it becomes a voice bot solution as opposed to a strict, scripted IVR solution. Voice bots allow direct, contextual interaction with the computer software via NLP technology, allowing the Voice bot to understand and respond with

Customer Service in Logistics: Importance, Challenges, Strategies

Logistics customer services PMC We’ll delve into common customer support hurdles and share effective strategies to overcome them, ensuring a smooth experience for your logistics clients. This is a critical aspect where logistics customers manage the entire journey of goods from sourcing to delivery. They focus on ensuring a seamless flow of products from suppliers

7 Ways Chatbots changing the healthcare industry

Top 10 Chatbots in Healthcare: Insights & Use Cases in 2023 Chat360 revolutionizes healthcare communication by seamlessly integrating chatbots across various platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, websites, and CRM systems. In the healthcare industry, this innovation enhances patient engagement, streamlines appointment scheduling, and provides instant responses to queries. By engaging with patients regularly, chatbots can