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As such, joining accounting forums can be valuable, even if you’re a vet or just starting out. Let’s learn in the next section the primary reasons why professional accountants should consider being members of these online communities. The forum is an invaluable resource for executives and accounting professionals from all over the globe. The forum’s accounting section is active and community, but many discussions revolve around American standards and US taxes. Proformative is one of the largest corporate finance communities on the internet. It lists over two million members and conducts over 200 live webinars a year.

  1. While moderators monitor the exchange between members, the Reddit accounting forum has a more casual vibe.
  2. Founded by Ben Brown, this group was formed to help connect self-employed accountants and help them attract quality, high-paying clients while building highly-profitable firms.
  3. Also, you have to email Proformative to submit questions, and I’m not sure how they filter which ones to feature.
  4. From discussing complex tax scenarios to seeking advice on client management, #TaxTwitter is a reliable hashtag that you can use to connect with other professionals within the platform.
  5. The Proformative community complements the publication’s goal of helping business leaders strategize by creating a space for professionals to discuss developments in different fields.
  6. The atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming, and funny images are exchanged back and forth.

We are a forum for professional accountants and tax advisers to discuss accountancy and taxation, but we also welcome individuals and business users who have queries relating to these matters. The Successful Bookkeeper community surrounds bookkeepers with like-minded professionals and grants access to its free resources. Your teammates will provide professional advice and emotional support when you feel like giving up. accountant forum In addition, changes in legislation can impact the quality of services and accuracy of advice you provide to your customers. Accounting forums and communities are the go-to places where you can discuss the implications of these changes with your peers and learn how to navigate the complicated rules. It’s a place where Xero users and experts collaborate to address queries, discuss features, and share their experiences.

In this screenshot from Future Firm Accelerate, a member seeks recommendations for improving skills in interpreting financial statements and communicating with clients in a non-accounting language. These connections offer a support system, foster camaraderie, and present potential partnership opportunities that may take you one step closer to your goals. Accountant Forums is an online community with more than 16,000 members from different countries. Aside from allowing members to ask questions within the community, Proformative also offers live webinars for free Continuing Professional Education credits through its sister site CFO Dive. LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 30, 2023) — The UK Police Department invites members of the community to participate in this year’s Citizens Police Academy (CPA).

LinkedIn, a well-known networking platform, does offer a good outlet for accounting. Although it may not be as strong as other options on the list, LinkedIn’s potential for global networking makes it a fantastic choice. For example, “What is my greatest approach to breaking into investment banking?” or practical suggestions like “What accounts payable software do you use?” can all be found here. Many resources are available, whether it be information, advice, or solutions to challenging questions. Outside a formal context like a lecture or convention, experts who want to share their knowledge can participate in conversations. Since there are no time restrictions, experts and even well-known figures in the sector can participate in talks when it is convenient for them.

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At the same time, anyone else using the tool or interested in the tool could follow the discussion and useful tips shared by members to solve the issue. For instance, a Xero user interested in integrating a smart expense management platform like Envoice to automate data extraction and posting could contact support for help. If your organisation is using or planning to use either of these tools, being part of a forum with other users can help you understand the software better and solve issues. A UK Chartered Tax Adviser runs the forum, but there’s no particular organisation or company behind Accountant Forums.

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Another71 offers several tools and resources for aspiring CPAs, including CPA Exam news, study tips and materials, and forums. Discussion topics in Another71’s online community range from study plans and habits to proven tips for passing the CPA Exam. Other resources such as CPA-reviewed podcasts and videos are also available to users.

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One of our favourite US-based communities comes from Alyssa Lang, aka Workflow Queen. Alyssa administers a Facebook group called Conquering Workflows & Systems for Bookkeepers and Accountants. It’s dedicated to accountants and bookkeepers who want to streamline workflows and scale their practices. The Accounts and Finance section of the UK Business Forum is a place for discussions about the trends in the world of business finances. The topics include (but are not limited to) bookkeeping, VAT and corporate tax return. Intuit ProConnect is a single space for users of all Intuit products to get training and access free education tools and professional webinars.

You can contact prospects directly, showcase your expertise, and showcase the level of services you provide. Being a happy client will turn them into your advocates and bring even more prospects through word-of-mouth. Most forums allow you to create a username, ensuring you can participate while maintaining your privacy. Xero Central hosts webinars and events to educate users about updates and enhancements in the Xero software.

Online forums satisfy this demand, especially as remote or semi-remote work situations become more common. Although you will not obtain ground-breaking, complex tax or accounting guidance, these subjects will nevertheless be helpful for people just starting in the industry. As you might have guessed, youth4work is a resource for younger, less experienced accountants. The numerous LinkedIn groups that offer a ton of valuable content but minimal peer interaction are conspicuously excluded from this list. It is a lively community with well-known members, enabling posters to interact more with people who are providing answers and posing questions.

This system allows the most popular posts to rise to the top, ensuring that members can easily discover the latest buzz around the industry. It’s kind of like Twitter in a sense, more engagement translates to higher exposure. Reddit is one of the largest online platforms worldwide, with more than 800 million active monthly users. Accountant Forums has almost 19,000 members (wow!), which primarily consist of industry professionals, teachers, and students.

Questions receive professional answers similar to what you would hear from a consulting firm. The mission of the Citizens Police Academy is to foster a more cohesive relationship between law enforcement officers and the campus community. Graduates will be able to share knowledge gained with others in the community, thereby helping others become more familiar with police practices. The academy is open to anyone inside or outside of the university who is 18 years or older with no prior felony convictions.

Online accountant forums can be a valuable resource for accounting professionals looking to expand their knowledge, connect with peers, and stay up-to-date on industry trends. AccountingWEB has a dedicated section to submit blog posts by UK accounting professionals. You are welcome to partake in the conversation, learn from your peers and share your expertise. Realize is more than a professional online community, forum or discussion group. It is a whole collaboration platform for accountants to skyrocket their business results. Another important detail is that accountants’ forums foster a culture of peer support and collaboration.

First of all, online accounting forums create an open global network of opportunities for the accounting profession. Formal accounting forums (think the International Accounting Standards Board forum) limit membership to a few individuals. It’s a lot easier to join online communities of accounting pros—to do that, you usually need to confirm your legitimate professional status. If you’re based in South Africa, you should check out this online accounting forum.