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  • Some Blu-ray players can also play Video CDs, Super Audio CDs, and/or DVD-Audio discs.
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  • But I want to add another method to play DVD on Windows 10 – rip DVD.
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Still, what if I want to import photos from iPhone to computer to release the iPhone space? Except iTunes, any other stellar similar program can perfectly achieve these? Lucky for you, WinX MediaTrans can help you fulfill all of these iPhone transfer and backup needs flawlessly without iTunes. To transfer files like photos or music between iPhone and computer, normally people will do it by connecting iPhone to computer via USB together with using iTunes or other iPhone transfer programs.

Iphone Drivers And Windows Pcs

Select “Troubleshoot”, your will get “the device was not enabled” alert, then select “enable device”. Always remember to choose “Trust this computer” when prompted.

What Is sea Of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working Issue In Windows Pc?

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