ECommerce Marketing

ECommerce Marketing: ECommerce Campaign Management

Rezpo is One of The Top Companies Offering ECommerce Marketing in Kerala. ECommerce Marketing is the best way of using Marketing tactics to drive traffic to your online store.Converting that traffic into paying customers and maintain those customers post-purchase. You can use ecommerce marketing to publicize your online store as a whole or to drive more sales for specific products.

We, all spend our daily time more on the internet and now all the commercial and social activities are connected to the internet. It will scare you to imagine a life without ECommerce. It is important in our daily lives. Whenever you buy and sell something using the Internet, you’re involved in ECommerce.

ECommerce Marketing Benefits

ECommerce brings convenience for customers as they do not have to leave home for buying the product or service. The only thing they need to do is browse the website online, mainly for buying the products which are not available in nearby shops. Customers can compare and buy a wider range of products and hence save time.
Online shopping also provides a promotion or discount code for customers. Above all, e-commerce provides detailed information about the product. Customers can review and track the orders online. Nowadays everyone can start their own business online.No need to have your own sites for online selling.

ECommerce Marketing

Sell Your Products Online

You can start to sell your products through the biggest shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and snap deal.ECommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have started a new avenue for retailers.Retailers can start selling their products online without any geographical barriers.

The only thing they need to concentrate on is the quality of goods and services.It’s time for manufacturers and retailers to grab the sales and build your own brand.We will help you to onboard, list and manage accounts in all the E-commerce platforms.
We will create and run Ad campaigns that will boost product reach and sales in every E-commerce platform.

Amazon Advertising Services in Kerala

First of all, we provide the following services for Amazon Advertising:

Display Advertisement
Display Advertising is used for brand enhancement. At Many Places on Amazon, It will show up with a banner and product information.
Once a user clicks on the banner, They will Land on The Product Advertisers Page.

Sponsored Products
It is advertising a product on Amazon for a better ranking and visibility which leads to a direct sale.
Each Click by the user on the ads, the seller will be charged. According to the Competition cost per click may vary.

Amazon Seo Services

Consistent efforts are needed to Make Your Product Stand Out Consequently on an Amazon Platform and Noticeable When a Buyer is searching for the Product.
Hence It will Drive more Traffic for your products. This is What we do with the help of Search Engines Optimization Practices Such as Listing Products With Right Keywords, Offers, Categories, and also Reviews.
Rezpo marketing provides guidance on online sales through shopping sites like Flipkart, Pepperfry and also Amazon. Furthermore, we are doing Campaign management and also help to build a base for your business. Sell your products and services online and build your own brand.


Flipkart is a leading marketplace in India for selling products online.If you are a manufacturer, supplier or vendor,
We will help you to sell your products online on Flipkart marketplace and become a top online e-commerce seller with minimum investment.

We will research on Flipkart marketplace and identify the related products competitor pricing strategies.We will be delivering Insights and make a plan and own strategies on how we should react according to the market and competitors.

We will Identify targeted search intent, categories, and subcategories which can drive traffic and conversion of your products. We help you to Launch your Campaign and continually optimizing your product ads campaign to maximize performance

Insightfully we will make your report on your product ads Campaign performance so that you will be fully briefed every step of your advertisement campaign.